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Don’t come between a cowboy librarian and Jane Austen.


Don’t come between a cowboy librarian and Jane Austen.

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Oct 8
“studies have consistently shown that boys lag behind girls in reading level at every age. From what I understand, teenage boys love porn. You want teenage boys to read more? Give them some porn books and take away their cell phones. They’ll read.” What Librarians Censor « Annoyed Librarian (via ebookworm)

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Oct 1
“Every burned book enlightens the world.” Ralph Waldo Emerson (via libraryland)

Sep 26
“A censor is a man who knows more than he thinks you ought to.” Laurence Peter, professor of education, 1977 (via libraryland)

Sep 16
“And on the subject of burning books: I want to congratulate librarians, not famous for their physical strength or their powerful political connections or their great wealth, who, all over this country, have staunchly resisted anti-democratic bullies who have tried to remove certain books from their shelves, and have refused to reveal to thought police the names of persons who have checked out those titles. So the America I loved still exists, if not in the White House or the Supreme Court or the Senate or the House of Representatives or the media. The America I love still exists at the front desks of our public libraries.” Kurt VonnegutA Man Without a Country (via joshuastarlight)

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